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From the valley floor in theTelluride box canyon one is always looking up pondering how to climb, ski or generally conquer the mountains above. Perhaps that is why we are always looking for ways to improve the overall experience of our restaurant.We only serve the highest quality of Colorado sourced beef, pork, lamb and chicken.


We work closely with farms in Delta, Montrose and the surrounding communities to establish a farm to table economy for fresh dairy, proteins and produce.With few exceptions everything is made in house with natural ingredients.

This includes: desserts, pickles, sausages, dressings, spice blends, cocktail syrups, bitters and more. We use non-GMO fryer oil and proudly hand cut and twice fry our potatoes.


“We are happy to serve the community of   Telluride.”
-Josh & Melisa

Boasting many medals and awards from beer competitions and festivals such as the Great American Beer Festival the brewery is pride and joy of our restaurant.


Led by our brewer Thomas Daly, the brewery offers many true classically styled lagers, a large variety of seasonals and many experimental originals. Come see and taste why we are so happy with his work!

Awarded Broze Medal at the 2018 Great American Beer (GABF)Festival in Denver, Daly’s Blonde for “Belgian-Style Blonde Ale or Pale Ale.”


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